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Now, as many students already learned in since Form 1, there are many aspects of literature that you as a student needs to know and understand.

You can refresh your memory and recall what you know about literature especially short story.


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Short Story
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Where have you come across this word??

Right! Very Good.

You may have seen the sentence on your computer keyboard.

You might have a faint idea what the story will be about.

Fear not, by entering this blog you will know what the story is.

You can click on the link below to read the story.

English Literature Component Form 4 & 5 2010 – Short Stories

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Elements of Short Story

What is short story?

  • Short story is a short piece of fiction aiming at unity of characterization, theme and effect.
  • A good short story is a piece of prose fiction which can be at a single sitting.
  • Modern short story writers tend to base their narrative on their own experience.

Or you can watch the video for brief overview of the elements. It will not take a lot of your time.

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Lesson 1: PLOT

The first lesson will be on Plot. Before we proceed with the plot of the short story QWERTYUIOP, let’s have a brief view of a plot.


  • The sequence of actions in the story
  •  Short story usually has 1 plot, so it is not as complex as a novel.
  • You could try and imagine that plot is climbing a hill; you went up, reached the peak and then you went down hill.
  • There are basically five important parts of plot as shown below:


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Lesson 2: Plot



  • Lucy Beck graduates from the Belmont Secretarial College with a weak result for her “O” level.
  • Lucy Beck was such a slow typist that the Principal worried that she would not find a job.
  • Lucy lives with her mother and uncle. She wants a job because she does not want to be poor anymore and she wants to leave the house and get away from her uncle.
  • She goes for an interview at Ross and Bannister, and is immediately accepted as a secretary.


  •  Lucy arrives early for work. She meets Harry Darke who explains her job description.
  • After describing her job, Harry Darke leaves the office to do his errands.
  • Lucy finds some letters that Mr. Ross had left for her to type.
  • Lucy is a touch-typist so she does not need to look at the keyboard as she types.


  • She was shocked to see ‘QWERTYUIOP’ typed repeatedly so she tears it and types again. The typewriter automatically takes over and types a threat to her.
  • Lucy decides to persevere and types some questions on the typewriter.
  • Her questions were replied by a MISS BROOME who claims to be the rightful secretary.
  • The typewriter then goes berserk by typing QWERTYUIOP repeatedly. Lucy retaliates by swiping correction fluid over them every time the typo emerges.
  •  She finally finishes her letters.
  • Mr. Ross returns to the office and finds some letters to be signed. He inquires if Lucy had any problems completing them. 
  • Harry Darke is surprised to see Lucy the next day.
  •  She asks him about Miss Broome and he tells her of Broome’s story. 


  • The next day, Lucy goes back to work and communicates to Miss Broome via the typewriter. 
  • Lucy comforts Miss Broome by typing a message saying that she had been an excellent secretary and her former employer, Mr. Bannister needed her in his new place as he too had passed on. 
  • After that, there is no more interference from the satisfied Miss Broome and Lucy enjoys peace and quiet. She can now go on with her career.

Now, you can answer the Matching exercise below to test your knowledge of the Plot of the story. Click on the link below or you can go to Exercise section to answer all the exercises:

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Exercise 1: Do You Know The Story?

This is a True/False exercise to test your reading of the story. Go ahead and try it. Do not be afraid!

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Lesson 3: Character


In the story, the main character is


Other characters in the story are:

Harry Darke – the all-purpose man who has served 30 years at Ross and Bannister’s; helpful to Lucy and sharp about what is happening around him.

Mrs. Beck – Lucy’s mother; amiable, pleasant-natured and kind-hearted towards others.

The Spirit of Miss Broome – A very loyal secretary, worked at Ross and Bannister for 43 years, haunts the typewriter and hates young girls trying to take her place there. The job was all she had lived for.

Mrs. Price – the kindly principal of Belmont Secretarial College.

Uncle Bert – Drinks too much; depends on his sister for support.

Mr. Ross – the younger partner of the company.



 Now, you can try and answer the Multiple Choice exercise below.just click on the link below or you can go to Exercise section and answer all the exercises.


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Exercise 2: Guess the Word

This is a fill-in the blank exercise that you can do to test your Vocabulary. You can click on the link below to try and answer the exercise:

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Links to Literature


Links to sites that can help you understand short stories better..
Happy Surfing!


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Lesson 4: Literary Devices


Now, let’s try the quiz below:
Crossword Puzzle

A set of Mixed Up exercise 



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